Tanta, Egypt

Why Tanta?

If you are looking to pay less, then this smaller city may be an option for you.

Tanta Main Mosque

If you arrive by train, then the first thing you might notice is a huge mosque in the distance.

Inside Tanta Main Mosque

Also, pretty much opposite the station, in the same direction, is a reasonable looking hotel.

I think the university is in the other direction.

Tanta University Campus Tanta University Campus

When you come out of the station, you take a transport going left.


What a surprise! A busy high street.

Tanta High Street Tanta High Street Mosque Tanta High Street Mosque

Includes a McDonalds with good burgers I think and the service was good.

I also found a friendly cobbler.

Tanta Friendly Cobbler Tanta Friendly Cobbler

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