Why not Tunis?

The local colloquial is almost unintelligible to other Arabs east of Libya.
With a French colonial past, you will benefit from some French lessons before you come out here.

Mediterranean with Houses, Carthage

Why Tunisia?

The south of the country is where Luke Skywalker was brought up (in the film Star Wars).1
However, more importantly, while not as cheap as Egypt, over the long term, significant savings can be made if you are coming from such places as Amman. Also, unlike Alexandria, prices do not change much over the summer, but it can get intensely hot. On the other hand, you wont be far from the Mediterranean.

Mediterranean with Roman Theatre, Carthage

Bourguiba institute

This Arabic centre traditionally has an excellent reputation for teaching MSA.
They also offer Tunisian dialect courses.
As elsewhere, you can expect weekly trips to touristic sites around the country.

The terms are structured as follows:
- October to December (possibly will change).
- January to March.
- April to May (possibly will change).
- June intensive (likely to change).
- August intensive (likely to change).

Since the revolution, teachers have been striking on and off, but students still choose to come out here.

Kairawan (Umayyad) Mosque
Gafsa Mosque


Tunisia is generally safe, but one should be extra cautious with locals in the capital and when demonstrations take place.

Do check with your government's foreign office department before coming out here.2

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1. Visiting the real Tatooine
2. UK Government FCO